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Changes are a foot

By Hass :: February 05, 2006 @ 09:02 AM

Well, as you may have noticed, this blog has gone to crap, we can blame the baby or hecticness or whatever, or illness, or sun spots but the time has come to make some changes . . .

1) We're moving the photos over to flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/mapgoblin/

Ninja Baby

2) Hass is starting up some social networking at friendster. Would you please be my friend? http://www.friendster.com/profiles/mapgoblin
3) We're going to swtich bloggin software from MT to WP. not done yet but give it a couple weeks and I'll get to it.

Details were scheudled for this post, but alas Josie seems to be up from her nap.

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A temporary solution

By Hass :: December 17, 2005 @ 08:06 AM

As a follow up to 103.8 we seem to have found a temporary solution to something having to give. And this week it was work. Sick time may not be a viable permanant option, but it did get us through the week with an adequate ammount of sanity.

And why did we need sick time? seems Josie wasn't the only one ailing. At the risk of drifting into an extended bloggy whine, we'll switch to a product recomendation,TylenolCoolBurst.jpg Tylenol Cool Burst is great stuff. The cool literally bursts on your throat and makes the soreness go away. It's not for the kiddies, but boy does it work great on the mommies and daddys.

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Could it be?, the second update of the day

By Hass :: October 30, 2005 @ 06:57 PM

Seems that we've got enough going on to warrant an update:

Computer is fixed, well sorta. After much invasive computer surgery, I was able to swap in a new drive, giving us a roomy 100GB of space. But the reason it feels so spacious is because it's largely empty. Our precious data remains trapped on a drive with a crashed head. The computer is currently lacking a great many personal files, settings, and software. We'll need to get all of that stuff back to have any hope of getting the xmas letter out on time.

The Gato. Double ear infections, again and a dislocated toe. We're back on the ear drops, twice daily. On a regular basis he gets thrown from places he shouldn't have been in the first place, and usually lands on his feet. Friday morning, he was lightly tossed from the counter and slid into the front of the fridge and didn't get up. An emergency (pronounced $$$) trip to the vet quickly cleared up the toe, but they also found the ear infection.

Day light Savings time. Must have been invented by somebody without kids, cause Josie sure as heck doesn't care that time is different now and she shouldn't be getting up a 4:53 a.m.

Josie. Generally ahead of the curve. Nice for bragging rights, but at a scant 7 1/2 months we're chasing and barricading more than we had bargained for. She's fast with her crawling, and even quicker on the draw. It's like some bizzaro sci/fi movie terror. Crawls like a cheetah, bites like a jaguar, screams like a cave troll (when she wants to be heard), quiet as a elf (when she's in stealth mode), sucks like a hoover, climbs like a billie goat, and learns like a velociraptor. Clever Girl. We also had a possible first word today "Daddy" used twice in response to a direct question of "who's that?". The catch, a ton of false positives. Meaning that of the 30 or so times she said daddy, dada, dad, or daa only three were directed at Hass. The others seemed to be used for a wide range of things, actions, and desires.

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What's in a name?

By Hass :: September 14, 2005 @ 08:00 AM

Not much to a name, but we did celebrate two years of ownership of mapgoblin.com by allowing the registration to lapse. It's renewed now for 9 years. But we seem to be having some email troubles. The website as best we can tell didn't go down, but there don't seem to be any emails coming in, they are all just sitting in the ether of the net somewhere. unable to find their destination, mapgoblin.com because somebody forgot to pay the bills to keep the sign on their door.

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By Hass :: August 29, 2005 @ 09:09 PM

yep, I'm back at work, that's part of why the post have been slim. Still having some technical MT rebuilding issues that have been discouraging toward new posts. but work has been extra crazy as of late.

Josie news: After 6 months free of incidents in the tub, she took a poop at the end of the wash cycle last night. After Nicole quickly evacuated the baby from the writhing cess pool of poop filled water, Hass was left with the more somber task of bleaching the ducks.

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By Hass :: June 30, 2005 @ 07:04 PM

I often wave to our neighbor Dave in the mornings when we're both heading out. I'm prancing about the neighborhood with our infant in the Baby-Bjorn at 6:30, Dave is often loading up his blue chevy TRUCK to go to WORK.

Right now Dave is danglig 75 feet above the ground using his bare teeth to fell a tree. Meanwhile I'm boiling water to make wild mushroom couscous, which when sprinkled with a little ginger will be a delightful accompaniment to our organic soy sausage, of course that will be served with a side of homemade tabouleh (leftovers from the lunch I made for Nicole). Dave could have used his chainsaw to fell the tree, I've seen at least three different ones in his yard, and he does have one tied to his waist as backup in case his arms gets caught on something and he has to saw it off(it's okay though, Dave is tough enough to just grow a new one.)

Morals of this story: 1) Dave could kick my ass. 2) it's time for me to move laundry around.

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A new Goblin?

By Hass :: June 30, 2005 @ 02:56 PM

Josie has been a wodnerful sleeper today, if you don't count the failed nap attempt this morning. and Hass has used that time to whip up some modifications to MapGoblin. Funny, everything still looks the same. well, changes are in the work. Here is the new working prototype, I haven't tested it in any browsers other than Safari, so give me a yell if there are any horrible browser display bugs. Hopefully we can populate the rest of the site with this look and roll out a fresh new site next week.

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The cutest dad on the block

By Hass :: June 28, 2005 @ 12:45 PM

Josie and I have already made it out for two walks downtown today. When she's fussy and cranky, getting out of the house and being carried about just makes her feel good.

After yesterday's disappointment over few gawking moms at mall, we were very excited to find the streets of Madison filled with lunchtime Josie noticers. It might have had something to do with the flowery pink oversized sun hat Josie was wearing, or the musky sheen of sweat beadeing on Daddy's hatless forehead, but the two of us were head turners, and traffic stoppers. We had at least 5 total stranger complimenting us, 3 greetings from disaffected teenage youth, 2 conversations(oh, I think she looks more like mom, really; and how old are you?), and about 80% turnned heads on cars driving by.

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SAHD hits the mall

By Hass :: June 27, 2005 @ 04:09 PM


We made it back safely from our trip to the mall and the apple store. In the past I have rarely made it to the mall early on a weekday afternoon. I had expected to see crowds of baby toting moms swooning over the cuteness of Josie, but alas it was really just the regular crowd with a slightly higher strollered percetage. Time to run, a hear another diaper filling.

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SAHD, day 1, hour 3

By Hass :: June 27, 2005 @ 07:59 AM

I think we're alone now. After making breakfast for mommy, Josie and I kissed her out the door, and began plotting our fruit salad.

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